Cardiovascular disease / Dizziness/ Insomnia/ Migraines/ Headaches/ Anxiety/ Depression
Respiratory Disease / Common Cold flu and viruses/ Sinus problems/ Hay fever/ Asthma
Digestive Disease / Diarrhea/ Constipation/ Irritable Bowel Syndrome/
Chronic Fatigue / Lack of Energy/ Stress/ Cancer care
Women's Health / Hormone Imbalance/ Menopause/ Menstruation disorders and pain/ Endometriosis/ Diminished Libido/ Pregnancy problems
Children's Health
Men's Health / Diminished Libido/ Sterility and Impotence
Sports Injuries / Neck & Shoulder, Waist, Back Pain/ Tennis Elbow/ Sciatica/Arthritis
Skin Problems / Quit Smoking/ Weight Loss